• Are you done with playing small, and you’re ready to call in more wealth, expansion and luxury into your life?
  • Do you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling in your life, blocked or energetically stuck?
  • Have you created some success in your life, but know in your heart and soul you are capable of so much more?
  • Do you feel, despite trying, you haven’t been able to fully live up to the potential of the kind of badass woman you want to be and know you can be?
  • Are you ready to fully ascend and expand in your life and money like never before?
  • Are you ready to work with a coach who truly walks the talk and has already cracked the multi million dollar mark?
  • Have you said to yourself, “Someday I’m going to work with Sunniva…”

When you sign up to work with me you receive:

  •  Unlimited sessions with me over 3 months
  • Unlimited daily Messaging support
  • Access to all of my online programs I release while working together

This is for those who are truly ready have it all! I will hold you to your highest and help you expand into your full fire. You deserve to live a life of abundance, expansion and wealth so you can step into your absolute potential & create everything you desire in both your life!

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My high level intimate workshops get rave reviews and often sell out in less than 24 hours. They are life changing. You will walk out a completely different person, with a powerful vision, clear purpose, values and goals, but most of all ENERGY. How you carry yourself, who you be, flows through into everything around you and into what you are attracting back.

You will get into a wealthy woman mindset, rapidly accelerating your results and manifestation process, create clear intentions, and get clear on your vision so you can launch into aligned action immediately! You will find things will transform and shift for you in your life and business even before the workshop finishes. If you are ready to expand into the life you always dreamed of, this event was designed for you.

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2020 is the year your entire life gets to fully upgrade! For 3 months starting APRIL 8TH, you have the rare opportunity to work closely with me alongside a small tribe of other likeminded women to take everything in your life to whole new levels. You will not come out of this the same – this is going to blow your life out of the water and take everything to the next level. This will bring out the highest version of you while stripping away anything that has been holding you back

When you leave your limiting beliefs behind, you clear the way to call in everything you truly want in your life! This work will shift how you show up in your life, your business or career, your money, your relationships, bring out your true power & propel you into massive aligned action. Just imagine what you will be capable of when you open up to your fullest potential – completely unstoppable!

We’re going ALL IN.

We’ll be diving into:

– How to show up like an absolute boss in every part of your life

– How to develop a super juicy and abundant relationship with money

– How to have it all – the dream lifestyle, the business or career, the relationships, soul tribe friends, health, energy and everything else you truly want!

– Polarity – how to bring the masculine and feminine energies into balance and learning how to use them to your advantage. The boss bitch getting shit done, with the softness of flow state. The empowered fired up Queen, with the intuitive knowing and letting go of control.

– How to turn up the heat, the pleasure in your life, & using that to make more money, amp up your confidence & call in massive success

– If you have a business or want to start one, we go deep into how to show up in a way that FEELS really good – authentic, aligned, not forced, really connecting with your audience, creating soul tribe – and make more money than you ever have with ease and flow

– Become so much more purposeful, intentional, and powerful with your time and energy so you’re DOING less, but your productivity and creativity goes WAY UP.

– Shifting energy, fast – how to process, move through and learn from whatever comes up or challenges you so you can be more in a state of happiness and calm, and less in the shit.

– How to access all the parts of yourself you know are there and want to tap into – the wild, the rebel, the sensual untamed woman, the goddess within!

– How to clear limiting beliefs and clear the way to step into the most powerful version of youself.

– How to master your mindset and tap into your intuition

And so much more!

If you’re ready to step up and go in, THIS IS YOUR TIME. No more waiting on the sidelines. No more procrastinating or holding yourself back, no more making excuses of why you can’t have everything you truly want.

You will come out of this experience fully embodied & integrated with a whole different frequency, ready to take on 2020 at levels you have never experienced before!


You do not need to have a business to be part of this course, it is about full life transformation. Either way, it will benefit you and everything you’re connected to!

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