This is for those who are ready to dive deep, have it all in every area of life and are committed to their own personal growth. I will hold you to your highest and call you forward so  you can embody the way of being you know is your true potential. The work we do together is about getting you so fully in your truth and power that you become unstoppable, tuning into your inner guidance so strongly that you will no longer need me or anyone else.

This work begins only after an in-depth application process and discovery call, to apply fill out this form.

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This is us spending an entire day together going really deep into total alignment and powerful manifestation in your life and business, unlocking whatever is holding you back and fully embodying the 2.0 version of you. This is where you take it all to the next level at a rapidly accelerated rate!

These are held at an exclusive high level location and include all meals and drinks. Apply below and specify in the last section what country and city you prefer to do this, as I travel often. Current offerings include Auckland, LA, Bali, Wellington, Queenstown, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, other cities available by request. Apply below.

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This very unique business mastermind is for the rebels who recognise business done the old way is not how it should be done now. That following the rules has never been your way but you’re so ready to CRUSH it in business, you just need the tools, support and guidance to make it happen. I will be working closely with you to take not only your business but everything else in your life to the next level – because everything is connected, and we cannot create massive success in one area at the cost of another.

This is launching in June 2019. My masterminds sell out quickly and this will be at the lowest investment it will ever be, so if you’re feeling called to be part of it make sure you get in touch with me through the contact page, or join here now

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This high level intimate workshop has been getting rave reviews and selling out before tickets even go public.

This is about igniting your inner fire, setting soul aligned goals and getting clear on your vision! Sunniva will be sharing her wisdom and the practical tools that will help accelerate your mindset and manifestation process. When you combine the deep inner work with the right support, strategy & accountability its incredible what can be created! This is going to shift a lot for you, fast, and propel you into massive aligned results. If you want to find your purpose and your passion and create the life you always dreamed of, this event was designed for you.

I will be doing Live workshops in several major cities around the world in 2019 starting with Auckland on January 19 and 20 (limited tickets available) as well as running one online for those that cannot make it Live. Message me here to go on the list and please specify if it is online or in person that you are wanting to attend.