1:1 Mindset & Manifestation Session

This is a 1 hour transformative session which can be held either online or in person

Cost: 222USD – (these sessions are up to 60 minutes)

During our session together we will be going deep into mindset, getting clarity and focus on what you want to create in your life and/or business & what is currently holding you back so please give as much detail in the form as possible.

Once payment has been made here you will be sent a questionnaire and my calendar link



This is for those who are ready to dive deep, have it all in every area of life and are committed to their own personal growth. I will hold you to your highest and call you forward so  you can embody the way of being you know is your true potential. The work we do together is about getting you so fully in your truth and power that you become unstoppable, tuning into your inner guidance so strongly that you will no longer need me or anyone else. In order to qualify for this level of coaching, we must have either met in person or worked together in some way. If you have not, please book in for a 1:1 session first.

If you meet the above criteria and you know you are truly ready to step into this next level of being, you can apply here

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This is for the women that want it all, and know they deserve it! I will be working closely with you to take everything in your life to the next level – your money, your business if you have one, your mindset, relationships, energy, how you see the world and how the world sees you. With deep transformative weekly trainings, accountability, and a soultribe of women all committed to transforming their lives, you will be held, you will be seen and you will come out of this experience as a fully empowered confident and unstoppable woman.

When you combine the deep inner work with the right support, strategy & accountability its incredible what can be created!

This is launching in September 2019. These frequently sell out, if you want to go on the waitlist send me an email now.


My high level intimate workshops get rave reviews and often sell out before tickets even go public. This WILL change your life. You will walk out a completely different person, with a powerful vision, clear purpose, values and goals, but most of all ENERGY. How you carry yourself, who you be, flows through into everything around you and into what you are attracting back.

This is about rapidly accelerating your mindset and manifestation process, setting soul aligned goals and getting clear on your vision so you can launch into aligned action immediately! You will find things will transform and shift for you in your life and business even before the workshop finishes. If you are ready to dive into your purpose work and create the life you always dreamed of, this event was designed for you.

My next workshops will be August 2019 in Auckland, please join my mailing list to get notified.