“Sunniva embodies the fierce feminine – a combo of tender vulnerability and bold action. Her gifts, loyalty and fearlessness are unparalleled and you’d be a fool to miss out”

– Tamara Aeschliman


Hi and welcome! My name is Sunniva, I help women create wealthier more expansive and high vibrational lives, on their own terms. I live and breathe this work and have been not only studying the mindset and mechanics of money for the past 20 years, I continually put it into practice to show what is actually possible. I bought my first property when I was 19 and built a multi million dollar property portfolio by the time I was 30, have created 2 other very successful 6+ figure businesses, written two (about to be three) No1. best selling self help motivation books, released a No.1 best selling App, bought my dream home, and frequently travel all over the world.
Not that its always been that way, of course! Let me tell you a little about where I’ve come from
I grew up in a very beautiful and very isolated area of New Zealand as one of 10 children, as you may guess just by that number my parents were very religious. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up – we always had food on the table, but we wore mostly hand me downs, bought very little new of anything, and our one birthday present was something practical that was needed anyway rather than something we wanted. I was homeschooled in a strict religious program, and this upbringing was a bit of a disaster combination for my free spirited rebel personality. I craved freedom and adventure so I did whatever I could to leave home as soon as possible. I managed to convince my parents to let me go to high school, which was on the terms that I pay for most of the boarding costs myself. This was a huge challenge for me as I had to come up with a few thousand dollars at the age of 16 – a challenge I took head on. I worked a ton of hours doing every crappy job you can imagine from cleaning toilets and sorting wool in a shearing shed, to babysitting and pulling weeds. This was an important time in my life – a time where I was able to prove to myself if I wanted something enough, I could make it happen. After school at 17, I went overseas by myself and lived and traveled around Canada.
I got very clear on the kind of life I wanted to create from a very young age, and committed to making it happen. The way I operate now though, comes from a place of flow and having a lot of space in my life. I absolutely believe in hustle and that we must go all in on what we want, but it’s so key to be really clear what our values are and where we want it to take us. To allow our feminine to play a part and not always be in over drive, running ourselves into the ground.
Now – who do I work with?
– I support women who know they get to have it all and are fully ready to claim it
– Those who are done with playing small, and are truly ready to call in more wealth, expansion and into their life
– Those who feel like they’ve hit a ceiling in their life, feel blocked or energetically stuck
– Those who have created some success in their life, but know in their heart and soul they are capable of so much more
– Those who feel, despite trying, haven’t been able to fully live up to the potential of the kind of badass woman they want to be and know they can be
– Those who are ready to fully ascend and expand in your life and money like never before
– Those who are ready to work with a coach who truly walks the talk and has already cracked the multi million dollar mark
If this speaks to you, there are a few different ways we can work together. I run workshops, online programs, do 1:1 coaching and speaking – you can find more on this here
Remember, you absolutely get to have it all and live a life on your own terms. Never settle for less!

If you want the full story of my life, plus all the motivation and tools to create a life on your own terms – you can read my books which you can find here and here .

“Sunniva Holt is a heart centered, passionate, driven individual who is committed to continuously up leveling not only all areas of her life but also the lives of those who are blessed to journey with her. She has this soft yet powerful aura that is a delight to work along side. She creates a space where you feel 100% supported and guided by her in your own personal journey.” 

– Amy Louise Cash, Self Love & Empowerment Coach