“Sunniva embodies the fierce feminine – a combo of tender vulnerability and bold action. Her gifts, loyalty and fearlessness are unparalleled and you’d be a fool to miss out”

– Tamara Aeschliman


I live and breathe all things personal development – specialising in  money & mindset – for the past 20 years, and I continually put it into practice in my own life. I bought my first property when I was 19 and built a multi million dollar property portfolio by the time I was 30, have created 2 other 6+ figure businesses, written two No1. best selling self help motivation books, released a No.1 best selling App, redesigned my dream home, and frequently travel all over the world.
Not that its always been that way, I’ve faced many of my own personal challenges along the path – but all of them have contributed significantly to shaping my life and growth and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.
I grew up in a very remote part of New Zealand, as one of 10 children in a very religious family. We didn’t grow up with much but we never went without either. Trips to the city were few and far between, mostly lived off the land and the ocean. I was homeschooled until the age of 16 in a very strict religious program which frequently clashed with my rebel personality & I was very set on leaving home as soon as possible. I managed to convince my parents to let me go to high school in the closest city (which was 3 hours drive from where we lived) and they eventually gave in, on the condition that I pay for most of the boarding and living costs myself. This was a huge challenge as I had to come up with a few thousand dollars at the age of 16 but it was a challenge I took head on. I worked for months doing every minimum wage job I could find, from cleaning lodges to sorting wool in shearing sheds, babysitting and pulling weeds. This was an important time in my life – a time where I was able to prove to myself if I wanted something enough, I could make it happen. After finishing school at 17, I went overseas by myself and lived and traveled around Canada on my own, then I came back to NZ & studied journalism. Didn’t take long for me to realise that wasn’t the path for me, then I moved to Queenstown where I fell somewhat accidentally but completely in love with the world of property. Something I am incredibly passionate about even now 20 years later. 


“Sunniva Holt is a heart centered, passionate, driven individual who is committed to continuously up leveling not only all areas of her life but also the lives of those who are blessed to journey with her. She has this soft yet powerful aura that is a delight to work along side. She creates a space where you feel 100% supported and guided by her in your own personal journey.” 

– Amy Louise Cash, Self Love & Empowerment Coach