“Before I started life on your terms I was at a cross roads. I was tired of my life being up and down. I knew what I wanted in life yet I was unfullfiled and unhappy as I was not living the life I know I was born to live. I was scared as I knew I was gong to have to visit areas in my life, past traumatic events that I had pushed away to the side but I knew with the guidance of Sunniva I was in a safe environment to start peeling back these old layers. Within the first week I started making making decisions based on what my soul purpose was. I became clear on who I wanted to be and what kind of life I wanted to live, Due to the clarity on how I wanted my 2.0 life to feel I started less procrastinating and more doing. I started facing my fears and the things that had caused me pain. I started forgiving myself , loving myself , accepting myself. I can not put a price tag on the way Sunniva’s Life On Your Terms has impacted my life. I feel like my eyes have been opened, that I was living in an almost daze for the majority of my life and the future for once does not give me anxiety. I have decided to dive deeper with Sunniva, I am wanting to continue my self development and coaching with her. If I can create so much change within 6 weeks the thought of what could be in a year excites me! If I had a wish I would wish that all women were able to step into the lives they deserve the lives we are capable of living because we all deserve it . If you can do one thing I encourage you to invest into your own self worth. You will not regret it”

– Talei Lepper, Tone By Talei Hair

” I’ve created two successful careers designing jewellery and clothing so why couldn’t I design my personal life the same way? I was so overwhelmed and stressed about life’s pressures and my difficult family circumstances that I had no control of. I knew it was ME who had to change but didn’t know where to start. It took me about six months to pluck up the courage and decide to start designing the life I wanted and to be happy because I sure as hell was fed up! I needed a guiding hand sorting things out both emotionally, mentally and financially and Sunniva gently guided me towards that clarity. It was hard to trust the process but as soon as I started doing the work and changing old habits I started to see the results very quickly. A big weight has lifted from my shoulders as I’m regaining my self belief and power. Thanks for being such an inspiring guiding light Sunniva. I’ve enjoyed the process more than I expected and especially the authenticity and lack of any agenda other than serving your fellow women”

Cathy Pope, Cathy Pope Jewellery

“It’s going to be hard to do this experience justice within a few words. ​I made the decision to invest in myself and my personal growth with the LOYT program as I felt I was at a point in my life where things weren’t moving and I was becoming content with that. Working with Sunniva really opened my eyes to subconscious blocks I’d had in place when creating my goals and visualising what I wanted my life to be like in all aspects. The value that was on offer throughout the 6 weeks was beyond what I expected. I learnt a number of rituals that are now part of my daily routine that empower me to show up, own up and level up to be the best version of myself. I’m achieving financial milestones within my business that I’ve been ‘wishing’ to get to for over a year and am seeing massive amounts of growth in all areas of my life. If it’s calling you, then you absolutely have to make this investment! Empower yourself, you get to choose what’s important to you and you get to choose what you invest in. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Sunniva in the future. She is a powerhouse of knowledge, compassionate, generous and understanding and fully empowers you to step into the version of yourself that you want to be! 

– Bridget Paddon, Goal Diggers Invercargill New Zealand

“It’s been such an incredible journey with Sunniva Holt and her amazing course ‘Life on Your Terms’. I started Sunniva’s course thinking I knew exactly who I was and I what I wanted. Oh how wrong I was! I came face to face with the many limiting beliefs that I had about myself, about money, about my relationships and about what I really wanted. At times it was really confronting and I felt miserable. My mind and heart opened to the difficulties that I had faced in creating the life I wanted and I was given the tools from Sunniva and her guest coaches to overcome and rework my beliefs, daily practices and mindset. I now see my past failures as steps forwards and with the practical tools I’ve put into place I now am purposely moving towards my goals and having the courage I never had before.”

– Faith Thoms, Umalas, Bali

When I began Life on Your Terms I was feeling disempowered, anxious, worried about mine and my children’s future and unsure that I could really make my jewellery into a business that could support my family. Sunniva provided the all encompassing support, through specific guidance, giving me the tools I needed to breakthrough the barrier of feeling I wasn’t good enough. I am just beginning a new life after separation and am able to care for myself, strengthen myself and gain support to heal and break through the barriers that I had unknowingly put in place. I am slowly but surely gaining momentum in my creative work and feeling the confidence and strength gained from LOYT . I truly believe that the LOYT course has given me the best start in the first year of solo parenting and creating a Life on My Terms !!!

-Helen Nuttall, Helen E Fine Jewellery

“When I began LOYT I was in all honestly so completely lost & unsure of which path to head next in my life. I had lots of wonderful things in my life, 4 beautiful children, a business, beautiful friends & family all of which I am extremely grateful for. Deep within me though I had a feeling that I was meant to be doing more, I was feeling worn out, wearing all the hats I do & very exhausted. I instantly felt drawn to Sunniva. Her fearless nature & beautiful spirit is definitely a bright light & I just knew I needed to work with her. I had been living in a state of limbo for almost 2 years when I began LOYT, feeling paralysed, lacking in confidence & also had due to a life change was living with severe anxiety which lead me to be feeling depressed because of this. I knew I needed to make changes in my life, for my children & I. And I needed to make them fast. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how much I have completely transformed since working with Sunniva. Like a caterpillar that was in it’s cocoon, it’s like I am now becoming that butterfly Sunniva is hands down one of the most incredible humans on the planet! Leading by her beautiful intuition, she really connects with everyone she works with, because you can feel without a shadow of doubt, she truly cares. I chose to make the investment to do LOYT to change my life & with Sunniva’s incredible support I have done that & then some. I now no longer medication to help me with anxiety. I have replaced this with so much daily goodness & with Sunniva’s mentoring & guidance she has helped me to build confidence within myself, start believing in myself again, & that to put myself first is actually a selfless act as we then create an overflow of abundance for our loved ones. I can truly say that I am living now mostly free of anxiety. It will always be apart of me but I now choose to not let it run the show. I have a deep joy within my heart & soul. I am the happiest I have been in the longest time. I feel as though I have finally found my souls purpose, beyond the labels society can give us. I feel excited about this beautiful life of mine, full with endless opportunities & possibilities. The truth is we really CAN have it all & be it ALL. And we also never need feel guilt for this. I can not recommend highly enough working with Sunniva. If you get the chance, TAKE IT! If you are on the fence, get off it & just DO IT! You will never regret it. Investing in yourself is truly one of the best investments you could ever make. If you go all in & give it all you have got. You honestly will change your life. I am living proof. And you will most certainly be living ‘Life on Your Terms’ It has been my absolute privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Sunni. It has stirred an absolute fire within me to continue on this path of self growth. My life has been forever changed & I am forever grateful.”

Ilenie Maree Shaw, Relax And Revive Beauty Invercargill New Zealand

“Sunniva. My heart is so full of gratitude for you and the work that you do and for the Life on Your Terms course.
Not only have I met a wonderful group of inspiring and empowering women, but your support and guidance has been life changing.I came into this not knowing what to expect but can’t even put a value on what I have learnt.
You have introduced me to so many inspirational people who now light up my time line . I have so many tools to go forward in building the life that i want and I have so much more clarity and confidence in listening to myself and my own needs and wishes. I am feeling so aligned at the moment, in such a good place in my life and very excited for the future!! I don’t even have the words to thank you for how you have helped me. Thank you thank you thank you! Forever grateful! “

Whitley Nepia, Perth Australia


“Starting Life on Your Terms was the start of acknowledging my own needs. As a wife and mum in a job that’s ok, I started to question “is this it?” Life on your terms has made me realise how much I do have, I now have gratitude for all the amazing things in my life both small and large and know now it’s ok to strive for more! My outlook has changed, my language has changed, I’ve cut out things that don’t serve me. The key for me is having awareness, it’s easy to go weeks/months/years not being aware that YOU have a choice. I wish this awareness for all women. I feel like Sunniva and all the other amazing people she introduced us to throughout the course have been such a gift.”

Louisa Gannaway

“I was drawn to work with Sunniva not just because she had amazing content but more so because of her commitment to do her own work.  She has this unique courage and vulnerability to share her past for the purpose of healing herself and healing others.  Sunniva is open and honest and holds space for others to do the same.  Sunniva has the ability to hold space for her clients to open up and heal from deep pain.  Sunniva is unlike any coach I Have ever worked with she really is the definition of a true coach she never forces her opinion on others but more so works with the individual to help them to come to there own answers.  I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Sunniva and have worked through some really deep trauma that was holding me back. I am most grateful for Sunniva patience and commitment to my journey and for helping me experience more peace and freedom to be who I know I can be.

Thank you for holding such beautiful space for me Sunniva you truly have a gift at this and your soft but strong energy makes you so unique and special.  I will cherish our work together for many years to come thank you.”



“I had been a follower of Sunniva on social media for several years when I made the decision to throw myself into working with her. I was  inspired by her life story and her life as social media maven, mother, coach, fitness guru as well as her wanderlust, healthy living, joie de vivre, and fierce commitment to what really mattered to her  – with no apologies. I wanted to be as strong, confident, beautiful and as self-assured as her. Damn, I wanted to BE her! But along our journey together something strange happened – I fell in love with being me, my own life, dreams, ambitions, time, accomplishments. And it felt awesome. In our six weeks of working together I had more energy, confidence and drive than ever before in my life. I moved house, changed jobs, and moved in with my partner. Now I get up every day at 5:30am and commit to working on me. Sunniva helped me to transcend my fears, insecurities, negative outdated self-talk and to embrace my inner warrior and take total responsibility for everything that happens in my life. Thank you Sunniva!”
Grace L, Wellington
“Sunniva Holt is a heart centered, passionate, driven individual who is committed to continuously up leveling not only all areas of her life but also the lives of those who are blessed to journey with her. She has this soft yet powerful aura that is a delight to work along side. She creates a space where you feel 100% supported and guided by her in your own personal journey.”
AMY LOUISE CASH – Self Love Empowerment Coach/Breathwork Healer GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA
“Sunniva embodies the fierce feminine – a combo of tender vulnerability and bold action. Her gifts, loyalty and fearlessness are unparalleled. I am also so inspired by Sunniva’s ability to manifest wealth! Sunniva works with your unique gifts and challenges, with a focus, loyalty and genuine desire to serve that is nonexistent in the field of finance. She’s the real deal and AT the biggest fucking deal you will ever get. I can’t recommend her enough. “
“I chose Sunniva to coach me after seeing her on social media. I didn’t actually even know she did coaching, but thought she may & if there was any chance she did – I wanted her!

Just loved her attitude. Her content, her beauty, her values – all of it – and I felt she’d be someone who could help me.

What I got out of her coaching….
Affirmation that I’m not crazy, that’s there’s nothing wrong with me, that I am inherently a good person (things I suspected but didn’t believe
That I am a flawed human being just like everyone else & that I am capable of changing if I choose to make changes.
Essentially she helped me process what I was dealing with. And that was immensely helpful. Forever grateful.”