This is my most high level offering, for those who are ready to dive deep. I work with those who truly believe they can have it all in every area, and are fully committed to their own growth. I will hold you to your highest and call you forward so you can truly embody the way of being you know is your potential.

This work begins only after an in-depth application process and discovery call, to apply fill out this form.

I am a firm stand for wealth consciousness, please only apply if you are ready to substantially invest in yourself.

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This is us spending an entire day together going really deep into total alignment and powerful manifestation in your life and business, unlocking whatever is holding you back and fully embodying the 2.0 version of you. This is where you take it all to the next level at a rapidly accelerated rate!

These are held at an exclusive high level location and include all meals and drinks. Apply below and specify in the last section what country and city you prefer to do this, as I travel often. Current offerings include Auckland, LA, Bali, Wellington, Queenstown, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, other cities available by request. Apply below.

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I run a life transformation mastermind for women who thrive in a group environment. The next  Life On Your Terms will be starting mid-late January 2019. This is really powerful work, in a  community of amazing women all 100% committed to creating lasting change in the key areas of life and playing full out. Find your tribe, get in total ownership of your money, get confidence and clarity, and create a life on purpose in purpose!

This group is intentionally kept small and intimate & it fills up quickly so if you’re feeling called to be part of it make sure you apply now by sending me an email.

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