“Sunniva embodies the fierce feminine – a combo of tender vulnerability and bold action. Her gifts, loyalty and fearlessness are unparalleled and you’d be a fool to miss out”

– Tamara Aeschliman


I’m here on this planet to empower women & help them create absolute freedom in every part of their life, so they fully step into their power & go after only the things that light them all the way up. We all have a souls calling, a purpose, something we keep getting that nudge to move towards, but because that can also feel scary and overwhelming our natural human inclination is to avoid it and stay exactly where we are with what we know, because its safe and comfortable. I’m here to challenge you and hold you to your highest, in a space that is completely supportive and

Let me tell you a little about who I be.

I grew up in a beautiful and very isolated area of New Zealand, each night I went to bed to the sound of waves crashing on the beach below our house and the mountains behind. The ocean is my medicine, breathing in that salt air and feel the sand beneath my toes brings me back to life at a soul level!

I was one of 10 children, my family was very religious and my parents homeschooled all of us including me until I left home at 16 to go to high school. I then went overseas alone at 17, living and traveling around Canada. I made the impossible happen time and time again right from a young age, even just to be able to do normal things like go to high school which I fought to be able to attend and had to pay for myself, because my parents didn’t believe in mainstream schooling. These years earlier on in my life were challenging, I never felt like I belonged, what I was brought up in didn’t make sense to me, and I didn’t agree with what my parents and their religion believed. But despite this and many other challenging events, I’m now grateful for it all because it all contributed to the person I am today and continue to become.

I got a lot of clarity on the kind of life I wanted to create from a very young age, and was fully committed to making it happen. I bought my first property when I was 19 and built a multi million dollar property portfolio by the time I was 30, have created 2 other very successful 6+ figure businesses, written two (about to be three) No1. best selling self help motivation books, released a No.1 best selling App, bought my dream home, and frequently travel all over the world for both work and play – which have now become the same thing because I love, live and breathe what I do. The way I operate now though, comes from a place of flow and having a lot of space in my life. I absolutely believe in hustle, but it gets to be delicious, it gets to be spacious, we get to have a lot of room to do the things that are important to us. Otherwise, whats the point? Freedom is my highest value, and I find it is the same for every person I work with. I’m also very driven by values of growth, change, energy, prosperity, empowerment and leadership.

I work with women who are ready to step into their greatness. To help awaken the gifts that you have within you and use my given abilities to channel guidance in a way that will serve you the most.

If you see me either in the online or offline space, please introduce yourself – I love connecting with people! Find me on Instagram and Facebook, or go here  to see how we can work together.

And remember, you absolutely get to have it all. Don’t ever settle




If you want the full story in all its grit and rawness (plus a whole lot of motivation and support to create a life on your own terms) you can read my books which you can find here and here .

“Sunniva Holt is a heart centered, passionate, driven individual who is committed to continuously up leveling not only all areas of her life but also the lives of those who are blessed to journey with her. She has this soft yet powerful aura that is a delight to work along side. She creates a space where you feel 100% supported and guided by her in your own personal journey.” 

– Amy Louise Cash, Self Love & Empowerment Coach